Apr 16

Next timetable


Hello Cohort 6 - I am looking forward to seeing you all again in May - I hope you are working hard on your H&S assignments. Please remember to complete the online H&S quiz as this will help with your exam revision - pay particular attention to the feedback also given when you have answered a question. Remember your assignments will also help with your exam revision as will notes taken from the further reading section and links on the website revision page.


I have now put your next timetable (visit 2) in your password protected area - you may have to hit the refresh button if you cannot see it at first. The timetable should give you an indication of your start and finish times. You have 30 mins exam revision time when you arrive on the first day of your visit with us.


Finally do not forget to book your accommodation - transport will pick you all up at around 08:45 at the same location as last time in the Hartlepool marina - I have booked transport for all candidates on this course - please contact me if you are making your own arraignments to and from the North Tees Centre and I will take you name off the list.


Kind regards,



Dear Darren,


Could you please open the new units 3.2 and 3.5 so we can access it in preparation for the next visit?

Many thanks.



Hi Meri,


Units 3.2 and 3.5 have now been opened. Presentations will be uploaded once you have had them.


Kind regards,

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