Cohort update from the Centre

Hello again and a belated happy new year. I appreciate we are all busy at this time of year but may I take this opportunity to update the different cohorts at their various stages of training.

Level 4 Diploma (Cohort 1) – Just a gentle reminder that help is available for assignment 4.2 in your cohort’s private area. For the exam associated with this unit (Advanced Governance and Administration of a mortuary). I will be putting some online revision on for you towards the end of January. Please note the examination questions will be based on the following 3 areas:

1. Legal requirements relating to the operation of a mortuary (e.g. licensing of a mortuary, consent, and donation, Transfer of bodies to other premises etc.)

2. Advanced administration of a mortuary (e.g. Service Level Agreements, Record keeping, contingency plans etc.)

3. Prepare for variations in death rates (e.g. seasonal variations, epidemics, Temporary Mortuary considerations etc.).

Please note that completion of your assignment will form part of the revisions for your examination (so keep a copy). The format of the examination will likely be short answers and some form of multi-choice. I will put a centre announcement update in your private cohort area when exam revision is available - all will become clearer soon!

Level 4 Diploma (Cohort 2) – only 6 places left so please remind your colleagues to apply online soon to reserve their placement (s). Please check your cohort’s private area for further details (e.g. transport to and from the centre arrangements) shortly before commencing your course. The format of this course will change in that training will be held within the Pathology department at North Tees – and will also involve a number of tours around the departments.

Level 3 Diploma (cohort 5) – I am still waiting for the final assignments to be marked and return – please check the ‘results tracking’ areas in your private cohort are for new progress information. It is now your mentors responsibility to apply for your portfolio assessment (End Point Assessment) once they are happy you have completed it. There is a new online form for this and now tow periods within the year to complete the assessment. Go to mentors page for more information. For those who have not already done so please send me your communications assignments (unit 3.5) before end of January.

Level 3 Diploma (cohort 6) – I am looking forward to meeting you all soon at the centre! Again please check your cohort’s private area for further details (e.g. transport to and from the centre arrangements) shortly before commencing your course. I will be asking who needs transport to and from the Hotel and/or vehicle registration numbers for those driving themselves to and from the centre form your Hotel. Your course format is changing from prior ones in that there will be more help with your exams and assignments online – please ensure you have access to the site from work of home. As all portfolio evidence for your course will need to be submitted electronically there will be facilities available later on in the course to assist you with this

Level 3 Diploma (top up) – for those who sat the microbiology exams in November 2018 your results are available in the ‘Track progress’ area on your private cohort area. For those yet to start their top-up training most of the training will in future take place online with the exception of the microbiology examination – you will need to attend the centre one day for this one.

A lot to take in I know,

Many thanks and we will be in touch again soon.


North Tees Centre, Hardwick Rd, Hardwick, Stockton-on-Tees TS19 8PE