Portfolio evidence

Hello again,

Could I remind everyone to ensure that there is no patient identifiable information in your portfolio evidence (both paper based and e-portfolio) - this goes for sensitive identifiable information to external departments and organisations.

We expect the following check points for sensitive and/or confidential information relating to portfolio evidence - if at any stage confidential and/or sensitive information is found is must be removed or anonymised:

  1. Candidates check their evidence as they produce it

  2. Mentors check before countersigning all evidence

  3. Assessors check during portfolios assessment

North Tees Centre will not routinely be checking your evidence for confidential and/or sensitive information nor take any responsibility for data breaches. You must assume that 3rd parties are able to view any information in your portfolio - remember some portfolios will be transported through the postal system. If this portfolio was lost or the packaging broke open during transit would you be happy that no identifiable information was present?

Pseudonymisation (e.g. internal reference numbers) or anonymisation is highly recommended. Use of photographs is discouraged unless of specific areas within the mortuary - again ensuring no identifiable / sensitive information and permission has been sought from your line manager. Please also note:

  • That use of a marker pen to blank out information is often insufficient – you must then photocopy this so that information is not identifiable.

  • Use of correction fluid or tape is not permitted.


Evidence relating to patients, family members or colleagues must be anonymised unless prior permission has been sought and included in the evidence. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in automatic deferral.


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