Update April 2019

Hello all again,

Please read on for APT training updates, for simplicity I have put them in cohort order:

Level 3 Cohort 5 – those of you who have applied for an assessment during the first period (April – May) should now have been notified. If you have not applied you will need to wait for the second assessment period. See mentors link of the APT training web site for portfolio assessment application link and further assessment application details.

Most of your outstanding assignments should now have now been marked – please check your results link in the password protected area to see if you are outstanding any work. You cannot apply for assessment until all exams and course work theory elements have been passed and we at the Centre cannot apply for your RSPH certificate until all theory work has completed and marked.

Level 3 Cohort 6 – you will be arriving back with us [North Tees Centre] in May for your second visit – the timetable is being finalised and will be uploaded to your cohort area soon. Please remember to check the forum for transport times closer the time – and remember the course will finish approx. 16:00 -16:15 hrs on the Friday. You must contact us if you are needing to leave early.

We will again be discussing and advising you on portfolio evidence criteria during the next visit but remember that commencing from your course it is now the candidates responsibility to complete the CAS form (indexing your evidence for each unit) – the onus is now very much on candidates to demonstrate to assessors that they have met all the learning outcomes of the portfolio. The portfolio will be a 3-way process involving the North Tees Centre, the work base mentor and the Candidate.

In light of this you should be having discussions with your work-based mentors about evidence and your portfolio progress in general - each unit will now only have 10 pieces max for each unit (50 total for each portfolio):

  • 3 x witness statements

  • 3 x reflections

  • 4 x pieces of objective evidence

Assessors can however ask for more evidence should they required further information – they may also likely to ask to see your SOPs so please bear this in mind.

Remember production of your two H&S assignments will assist in your upcoming examination – so please attempt the online quiz as this will provide you with some scope and areas expected to be covered in the examination. As the examination is set by the RSPH and not ourselves please ensure you areas around the various H&S literature found in the revision page.

Level 3 Top up: I have now standardised the recognised prior learning (RPL) with the RSPH and details about the different sorts of evidence you can provided for units 3.1 - 3.3 are available in your password area – I will be including online quizzes as part of this RPL and have recently added a quiz for H&S that you can complete as RPL.

Level 4 cohort 1 – your last lot of assignments have been marked and results available in your cohort area. I am also still making enquiries about the specialist topics we will need to cover on your next visit and now have a number of contacts who can provide the theory training.

I also had the opportunity to discuss specialist skills evidence at the AAPT council meeting recently and it was felt that all elements of these specialist techniques will at least need to be observed (e.g. at another mortuary should they not be routinely carried out within your organisation). One particular issues I raised was regarding femur removal – again I will find a contact of a mortuary who is able to demonstrate this procedure.

I apologise if this specific blog seems autocratic but it really is down to candidates to gather evidence for their portfolios, however myself and the rest of the profession will assist you in any way I can. With this in mind if anybody reading this blog knows of any mortuaries who carry out the following specialist procedures relevant to the learning outcomes in unit 4.9 of the portfolio please share with myself of other members of your cohort:

Activities relating to:

  • Forensics

  • Paediatric PMs

  • Neuropathological

Evisceration techniques relating to:

  • Middle ear

  • Femur / femoral head

  • Spinal cord

  • Eyes

I would like to have a list of contacts who can support this should candidates have trouble gathering evidence. Please encourage your mentors to contact other mortuaries (or myself) on your behalf.

Also just to repeat what I have said to you previously, the first day of your next visit with us will be at the NHST BT in Liverpool – as well as the theory elements you will be taught during this visit it will also provide you with an opportunity to collect a piece of evidence for your portfolio (unit 4.9 -learning outcome 4). I will provide more details closer the time but I am happy for candidates to meet us as Liverpool and then get a lift back in the bus should they wish.

Level 4 Cohort 2 – Timetables about your first visit with us in the summer will be available closer the time – I will only be putting presentations and exam revision notes in your cohort area after your first visit. We have a local (and keen!) pathologist available to provide training for your first unit: 4.1 - common human pathology for APT’s.

Accommodation advice is available in the links area – but will follow a similar process to your level 3 training - transport details along with your timetable will be made available closer the time of your visit. As mentioned above most Centre visits are from 09:00 - 16:15 hours.

Other matters

Can I remind all candidates to use the forum for queries concerning assignments and / or exams as I am receiving many e-mails about the same subject matter. Obviously if your concern is of a confidential issue or you are struggling will some elements of your training then please email the Centre directly at:


Jade is our new training support secretary who will be monitoring emails at all times – she will then forward relevant ones to me.

I have agreed to publish information regarding an AAPT poster competition to win a place at the next AAPT annual educational event. All entries can use this as an opportunity for CPD:

AAPT Poster Flyer

Further details can be found by clicking here.

We are currently setting up service level agreements with a number of other trusts to deliver the level 3 Diploma APT training (under the North Tees umbrella) – we currently have 4 trust who would like to be involved. This will mean candidates in future will be split between the venues and all training will be standardised. It will also mean candidates will have a venue closer to their parent organisation. Assessments and exams will still be managed by the North Tees Centre. I hope to have some of these venues available for 2020 courses.

Finally, may I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their assistance and support and it has been encouraging to myself to see the passionate and forward thinking APT’s who have been assisting us at the Centre with all your training needs.

Kind regards,


North Tees Centre, Hardwick Rd, Hardwick, Stockton-on-Tees TS19 8PE