Update Aug 2019

Hello again,

I have not provided an update for a while so please see below for course and cohort updates (in no particular order):

On line APT training forum: Could all candidates on a course please check this on a regular basis as I post updates about your training on here. There is no password required to view messages on the forum, however you will need to login to post a message or reply.

Level 3 and 4 Apprenticeships: work is still progressing on having your courses as part of a national apprenticeship training programme – I hope to be able to advertise soon for the level 4 HCS Diploma (APT). What this means for you is that funding for this training can be drawn against the apprenticeship levy and it will not cost your trust / mortuary / department or individuals any money (as all trust are already paying into the levy). There is still some further work required and further details will be supplied in the near future. We hope to have the level 3 Diploma course available soon afterwards.

New venue available: we would like to welcome Bedford Hospital NHS Trust to our training partnership. This will commence from Feb 2020 and candidates will be able to take their level 3 Diploma training at this trust. We will update the application form on the web site but it will be first come first served and numbers will be limited at all these new venues to start with. But hopefully this will help with the long traveling distances some candidates face in the South and will provide more resilience and support to the training programme. We hope to have more venues available to candidates soon.

Candidates who have already applied for next year’s level 3 course (cohort 7) please contact us if you wish to carry out your training in Bedford NHS trust.

Portfolio Assessment: Any candidates who have not already done so are to send me an email so that I can send you a private link to your e-portfolio. Physical portfolios will no longer be shipped via the postal system. This will provide external assessors an opportunity to review e-portfolio evidence before the trust visits. External portfolio assessments will now take place twice a year from April to May and October to November (inclusive). Application for assessment final submission dates are as follows:

​•For 1st assessment period, application received by end February

•For 2nd assessment period, application received by end of August

Unfortunately, if your mentor fails to apply for your assessment by the above dates you will have to wait for the next assessment period.

Mentors: We at the North Tees Centre believe mentoring is a key component in the learning process and having a work base mentor will help candidates learn more efficiently and improve their performance. With this in mind, could I ask that both candidates and mentors work together through the training plan that has been provided to all candidates (copy available in your password protected area).

Part of this training plan requires you to discuss and list suitable evidence to collect from the workplace for the portfolio – there have been some issues in the past with portfolios across all cohorts lacking work based objective evidence.

All candidates and mentors can follow the mentor link on the APT web site for further information on portfolio requirements – external assessors will not pass candidates if they do not meet these.

Examinations: Candidates who fail or do not attend an exam will have to wait until the following training year to carry out their resist (s) – it is important that candidates use notes taken in the lesson and the online revision guides and quizzes to assist with their exam revision.

Please ensure you speak to your work-based mentor or myself if you are struggling with your revision so that we can provide you with further support – we really are here to help!

Please also note that that there will be no portfolio assessment until candidates have passed all their theory work – North Tees will be checking all portfolio applications that this is the case.

Assignments – as above I am happy to help and do not mind having a zoom meeting or phone call for anyone (or group) who is struggling with course work or just needs some clarification – but you need to let me know so that I can arrange some dates. I am happy to provide additional learning on evenings.

Course length: Some of you may already be aware that it is my intention to make courses at North Tees shorter – due to the amount of online learning available now, most course will finish around 1pm on the Friday – please take this into account when making transport arrangements.

Timetables will be provided approx. 1 month before your next visit. This will not affect the number of guided learning hours for each unit as candidates will still be supported by us between visits.

Well that’s all for now,

Many thanks to those who read and made it all the way through this lengthy communication.

I look forward to seeing some of you soon,

Kind regards,



North Tees Centre, Hardwick Rd, Hardwick, Stockton-on-Tees TS19 8PE