Update Feb 2019

Hello all again! I have the following brief announcements for each Cohort:

Level 4, Cohort 1: We have put some revision notes to prepare you for your exam in April (Advanced Governance and Administration of a Mortuary), so please check this page out. Please also have a go at the online quiz in this section. I have put further information in your cohort’s private area concerning this. Pay particular attention to the feedback given to you for each question. I will be re-arranging your timetable for your next visit so that level 4 modules go in sequence – your next visit will be (3rd) will cover unit 4.3: Quality management in the mortuary. I am in communications with NHSBT in Liverpool regarding a visit for tissue removal for donations – they are keen to assist us.

Level 4, Cohort 2: Only 2 places left! Training commences in Summer and will now only last 18 months in total (12 months theory with 6 months post course to complete portfolios).

Level 3, Cohort 5: I have received most of your outstanding assignments and they should be marked this week. Once you have the ‘T’ box checked in your results then you are eligible for your end point assessments in your Trusts. Complete the online application for portfolio assessment when your evidence is ready - check this page for latest date (s) to have your portfolios ready for the 1st assessment period. I have also put some good examples of evidence on the 'evidence criteria' page for module 3.7. I will put more on as candidates submit evidence.

Level 3, Cohort 6: Nicola will be sending you a message in your cohorts’ private area regarding transport to the centre on your first day. New training plans have been designed to take away with you to help you back in your Trusts.

Level 3 top-up candidates – new CAS forms (for indexing RPL) for units 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 have been created – this should help standardise expected evidence for your exempt units. Contact me if you have any further queries or concerns. I will be putting some CPD and knowledge-based activities in your area to help with evidence. I will be putting some Microbiology training on soon (with online quiz) to help with your studies.

All candidates – please contact me if you have any further questions.


North Tees Centre, Hardwick Rd, Hardwick, Stockton-on-Tees TS19 8PE