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RSPH Level 3/ 4 Diploma Course

 in Anatomical Pathology Technology

CAS Forms for indexing unit evidence 


CAS forms for indexing evidence for the work based units (these are also available in the RPSH binder portfolio given to every candidate (see password protected area):

Unit APT 3.6


Preparation and operation of a mortuary

Unit APT 3.7


Prepare for post mortem examinations

Unit APT 3.8


Assist with post mortem examinations

Unit APT 3.9

Viewing of the deceased

Unit APT 3.10

Team working

Unit APT 4.6


Supervision of the mortuary function

Unit APT 4.7


Management of the deceased in the mortuary

Unit APT 4.8

Bereavement support

Unit APT 4.9

Specialist practical mortuary skills

Unit APT 4.10

Deliver and evaluate training in APT

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