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RSPH Level 3 Diploma Course


The course is primarily based at the University Hospital of North Tees in Stockton on Tees. This is a modular course which means you have to visit us on 5 separate occasions for a period of 2 days at a time to complete your theory learning, assignments and examinations.


Your practical APT skills are taught to you by your own mortuary mentors and these skills will be assessed in your own mortuary by an external assessor (appointed by North Tees Centre) who meets RSPH & AAPT criteria.

You will also be required to complete a portfolio of evidence of your training and competence in practical APT skills as well as complete assignments and exams in the taught theory modules.

You will need to nominate a work based mentor or mentors… this could be a senior APT, your Mortuary manager, Line manager or a supervising pathologist. We will also work with your mentor, if required, to support them to support you.

RSPH Level 4 Diploma Course


University Hospital of North Tees now has full approval from the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) to deliver the Level 4 Diploma course.

The qualification builds up on previous learning and incorporates more quality, managerial and advanced practices and like the level 3 Diploma  is completed in modules over a 18 month period. Candidates complete 5 theory modules and 5 practical modules evidenced by completion of a portfolio of practical competency assessed by an external assessor.

The theory modules are to be completed at North Tees Centre and require a minimum of 10 full time teaching days in total, with additional support / teaching via email, online support and various distance learning tools being sent frequently such as module related self assessment questions.

To be eligible for this course you must be currently employed and work as an anatomical pathology technologist in a public or NHS mortuary and hold the RSPH Level 3 Diploma APT.

RSPH Level 3 Diploma Course Top up learning


The level 3 top up module has been designed for APT'S who have completed previous ATP training (previous certificate & diploma) and require a more up to date qualification. Students completing this training are not required to complete all 5 theory unit modules providing they provide objective evidence that they meet the exempt theory learning objectives.

This qualification is carried out over a one year period  with candidates completing 2 online theory modules and 5 practical work based modules evidenced by completion of a portfolio of practical competency.

Candidates will only need to attend the centre once to complete a written exam, assignments and other questions set by the centre can be submitted online. The work based portfolio can also submitted to the centre online.

Additional course requirements:

As well as a work based mentor, who will need to  regularly check your portfolio progress, you will also need:

  • Trust access to this website and training material contained within - please contact your IT department if this site is blocked informing them that access to this site is required for service reasons

  • All portfolio evidence will need to be submitted electronically (more details about evidence requirements and criteria will be given once students attend the course) - please ensure you have access to photocopying / scanning facilities to send us your evidence.

Key important notes to all candidates

Deferral and breaks in training

Only in exceptional circumstances will a candidate be allowed to defer / postpone their training in any academic year. A letter must be received by us [North Tees] from the candidate’s line manager, detailing the reasons prior to any candidate deferral. Once a letter requesting a deferral / break in training has been received, this will then be discussed with the North Tees management team and a response sent back to the candidates parent trust / organisation. If an agreement for deferral has been agreed then the candidate must complete their training in the following academic year – no further extensions will be granted.

If agreement has not been sought or the candidate fails to complete the course in the subsequent academic year then candidates will need to register and apply again for our training. This will incur new course fee charges.


Portfolio evidence

All portfolio evidence must be up to date at the time of assessment – this will be down to the discretion of the external assessor. If a portfolio is delayed for assessment then please ensure evidence is countersigned if still relevant or new evidence obtained. All portfolio evidence gathered must cover your entire training period including the time it was deferred (all the way up to your request for assessment!).


Exam resits

Candidates will only be allowed 2 exam resists for any one module – candidates who fail their final resit will be marked as a fail for the course and will need to register and apply again for our training. This will incur new course fee charges.



A register of candidate attendance is taken on every visit to the North Tees Centre / Venue – if a candidate does not attend then your parent trust / organisation will be contacted. If you are unable to attend one of your training visits with us or you need to leave early (see course timetables for specific finishing times) then an email will be required from your line manager before your due visit.

(Further course specific notes can be found in the "more details" tab for each course).

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