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RSPH Level 4 Diploma Course

 in Anatomical Pathology Technology

Introduction to the course

North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust has full approval from the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) to deliver the Level 4 Diploma course.

The qualification is completed in modules over a 18 month period with candidates completing 5 theory modules and 5 practical modules evidenced by completion of a portfolio of practical competency assessed by an external assessor.

The theory modules are to be completed online via the North Tees Centre and require a minimum of 5 full time teaching days in total, with additional support / teaching via email, online support and various distance learning tools being sent frequently such as module related self assessment questions.

The 5 theory modules are:

  • APT4.1: Common human pathology for Anatomical Pathology Technologists

  • APT4.2: Mortuary governance

  • APT4.3: Quality management in the mortuary

  • APT4.4: Advanced mortuary practice

  • APT4.5: Health and safety in the mortuary


Candidates are also required to attend the North Tees Centre on 3 separate occasions, throughout the academic year, to attend examinations set by the RSPH.


The theory modules are assessed by way of the candidate completing assignment's and examinations – assignments are marked by the centre, examinations are marked by the RSPH.


The 5 practical modules are:

  • APT4.6: Management of mortuary function

  • APT4.7: Management of the deceased in the mortuary

  • APT4.8: Bereavement support

  • APT4.9: Specialist practical mortuary skills

  • APT4.10: Deliver and evaluate training in anatomical pathology technology

The practical portfolio will be assessed by one of a national team of Academy for Health Care Science registered APT assessors and chosen by North Tees Centre.


Science Council registration!


Starting from Cohort 7 (commencing February 2025) all Level 4 potential candidates must be professionally registered with the Science Council.

Science Council registration will be a prerequisite as part of the RSPH Level 4 Diploma in Healthcare Science (APT) North Tees course application process, with the following evidence being presented:

  • Professional registration with the Science Council: minimum Registered Science Technician (RSciTech).

  • RSPH Level 3 Diploma in Healthcare Science (APT): proof of which must be provided during the application process.

Click here for further information.

North Tees will reimburse professional application fee and two years registration fees when applying for the level 4 diploma.

Fees and inclusions

Last registration date for students is 31st January each year before commencement of the Centre programme in February.


The total cost of this course is £3850.00 and includes:


  • All fees payable to the RSPH for examination and assignment submission –


1.    Candidate RSPH examination fee

2.    External verification fees


  • 5 teaching days (online).

  • 5 revision sessions.

  • Online teaching material access.


  • Regular planned access to the course facilitators for support for both the candidate and the mentor – email / telephone online zoom meetings (arranged dates & times).


  • Lecture programme / notes from teaching modules.


  • Regular assignment updates / self assessment questions for each unit to monitor progress.


  • A recommended reading list and provision of some of the literature (Government guidelines for APT staff will be provided – all other books will not be provided).


  • Regular portfolio assessment / discussion / advice.


  • Reasonable travel costs (not including accommodation) paid to external assessors to visit and assess the candidate within their own department – please note for assessments requiring travel outside of mainland UK it will be necessary for the additional costs to be met  by your own department.


Course specific  notes:


Candidate travel and accommodation costs to attend the centre are not included.


Additional costs may be incurred if a candidate is required to retake any failed exams (£50 per resit)  as this attracts a further  RSPH fee. Additional costs will be discussed as required.


If a candidate; due to reasons beyond their immediate control is unable to attend the centre for a module; following discussion and approval with the centre, will be given reasonable support to allow the module to be completed via distance learning. If the candidate was required to hand in a written assessment during the time at the centre, this could be sent electronically or via recorded delivery to the centre to allow submission to the RSPH.


There are no in-year resits. Missed examinations and resits will be completed in the following academic year so can set back a candidates final result being announced by up to a 12 month period – it is recommended that candidates are aware of the exam dates in advance and ensure they can attend all dates.


Regular non – attendance may result in North Tees Centre being unable to support the candidate appropriately during the training period. This could result in the candidate being asked to leave the course with no refund of fees.


All fees must be paid in full prior to starting the course – please ensure either a cheque payment has been made or a purchase order number has been provided with the application - non payment of fees will result in the centre being unable to register a candidate with the RSPH and progress further with the course.


Refunds of fees are at the discretion of the centre and will be on a case by case basis following discussion with both candidate and mentor. As a minimum should a candidate leave the course prior to completion there will be an administration charge of £200.00 plus incurred teaching fees and RSPH examination fees which are non-refundable. Please ensure the candidate understands the commitment required to undertake the course prior to attending and payment of fees.


Candidates must ensure their behaviour is appropriate at all times whilst attending the centre and be reminded they are representing their respective organisation – concerns regarding a candidates behaviour will be discussed directly with their employers. 

See "Important notes to all candidates" for additional key points for candidates on our training courses.

Key information 


Next course: Level 4 Diploma APT (cohort 7)

Programme starting: 14/02/25 (duration approx. 18 months)

Cost: £3850.00 per candidate 

Final application (s) close date: 31/01/25


The course will require candidate attendance on the following :

  • x 5 Mandatory distant learning training days  - approx. 10am to 4:30pm.

  • x 5 Revision seminar sessions (3 optional, 2 mandatory) - approx. 10am to 11:30am.

  • x 3 Mandatory exams - all level 4 exams are stat between 2pm to 3:30pm at a chosen exam venue. Transport and exam venue advice can be found on the 'link' button at the top of this page.


See timetable below for specific key dates relating to this programme:

Page last updated: 06/02/24

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