RSPH Level 4 Diploma Course

 in Anatomical Pathology Technology

Eligibility criteria

Please read the following carefully:


  • The candidate must be currently employed and work as an anatomical pathology technologist in a public or NHS mortuary and hold the RSPH Level 3 Diploma APT, - evidence of employment & qualification must be scanned and submitted with the application.

  • The candidate will need to identify a work based learning mentor. This could be a senior APT or Mortuary Manager holding a minimum of the RSPH Certificate and Diploma in APT, or a supervising pathologist – note, the candidate may have more than one mentor; i.e. a supervising pathologist and a senior APT.

  • The chosen mentor/s should be open to the learning on this programme and be in a position to regularly coach / mentor and train the candidate through the practical elements of the trainee period and provide evidence in the form of witness statements for the portfolio.

  • The candidate must be willing to participate in feedback sessions regarding the programme to allow NT&HFT to maintain or improve quality of the teaching sessions.

  • The candidate, the mentor and the organisation must commit to fully completing the course.


  • The candidate, the mentor and the organisation must be in a position to provide access to the mortuary department by external assessors to allow them to undertake assessment of practical mortuary skills where required


If there are any concerns / queries regarding eligibly criteria please contact us using the contact link below.