RSPH  Diploma Course

 in Anatomical Pathology Technology

Work Based Evidence example

Please read portfolio general evidence criteria carefully for further information - but all good evidence for your portfolio should have these basic elements:


  • Date it was produced and include your name

  • Put into context (i.e. what is the piece of evidence and what is it demonstrating)

  • Mentor checked (including comments from mentors or follow up questions)

  • Annotated with personalised comments / labelling

  • Contain both objective evidence (i.e. based on facts) and knowledge elements

  • No more than 3 or 4 sides max

  • Cover as many of the assessment criteria as possible on the CAS form.

  • Signed by yourself and the work based mentor

Please click here for useful tips on how to layout your evidence work using the objective evidence template.

Chose a module below to view example evidence pieces from past level 4 portfolios:

Unit APT 4.6

Supervision of mortuary functions

Unit APT 4.9

Specialist practical mortuary skills

Unit APT 4.7

Management of the deceased

Unit APT 4.10

Deliver and evaluate training in APT

Unit APT 4.8

 Bereavement support 

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